Days of Our Lives Recap: Kayla is Pressed to Give Sarah The Antidote to Save Her From a Vegetative State

Kirakis mansion: Sonny asks Victor about Sarah and Maggie. He withholds any intel until Sonny gives him an answer about his previous proposal. Victor slams Will’s neediness and is surprised to learn that Will’s on his side. Sonny tells Victor he’s onboard as Titan’s CEO, then mentions he has a target on his back from Leo.

University Hospital: Abigail tells Kayla she’s worried about Sarah. Kayla tells her there’s been no change. The two discuss how ironic it is that Ava is the one who turned the tables on Gwen. Kayla warns her that Ava is still dangerous.

A child-like Sarah’s back in Salem, still crushing on Eric. Xander and Maggie debate about Sarah getting the antidote. Maggie knows what she’s getting with Sarah as she is now. Suddenly, Sarah goes into a catatonic state and neither one can get her to respond. Xander runs out to get Kayla.

Abigail tries to assure Xander that Sarah may need more testing. Xander blames her for putting Sarah in this position and Abigail apologizes again. Xander realizes that Abigail at least told the truth, which is more than Gwen did.

Kayla tells the crew that Sarah’s deteriorating based on her latest scans. Kayla tells Maggie the antidote may be the only thing that keeps Sarah from a permanent vegetative state. Maggie agrees to let Kayla move forward. Kayla gives Sarah the antidote.

Jake’s: Ava’s having a nightmare about Gwen holding a needle and threatens her with Dr. Rolf’s drug. She awakens with a start. Jake assures her she’s safe. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Gabi. Ava needles Gabi by giving Jake a kiss before she leaves.

Gabi wants to reinstate Jake as a DiMera employee. He wants to know what her angle is and she admits that EJ’s making noise about returning. Gabi tells Jake that he’s a DiMera and she says they can work together like before.

Salem PD: Leo visits Gwen and says he wants to “make those bitches pay.” Gwen pulls on the handcuff and reminds Leo she’s off to prison. Gwen tells Leo what she told Abigail about Laura. Just when she’s about to tell Leo the truth, Ava swans in. Leo sandblasts her as Gwen’s friend, but Gwen agrees to see her alone.

Ava wants to apologize, but Gwen’s not receptive. Ava claims she used her as a life preserver because she was going down. Gwen accuses her of destroying her life and asks her to leave. Ava says she wants to help her.

The Final Yards:

-Leo and Sonny run into each other in Horton Square. Leo tells Sonny he’s got him right where he wants him…as Titan’s new CEO.

-Jake agrees to return to DiMera.

-Ava tells Gwen she’s going to bust her out of jail.

-Maggie tells Victor what’s happening with Sarah, and he lends his love and support.

-Sarah comes out of her haze and recognizes Xander.

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Random Thoughts:

-The thought of Leo and Gwen teaming up for revenge is luscious.

-Leo called Ava “Linda Tripp.” HAHAHA!

-It’s time to get Sarah back on board as…Sarah…for real this time, no more mulligans.

-Ava versus Gabi’s still fun, but will Gwen let Ava help her?

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