The premiere knew how to convince fans as well as critics and brought even the fans back on board who didn’t really know what to do with the new Star Trek of the last few years. And what about the second episode? It picks up exactly where you left off with the premiere!

Mind you, what we mean by that is bringing the fans back on board, spreading a positive feeling and delivering a classic Star Trek series again, but of course all in a modern setting. Because in terms of content, the individual episodes are supposed to be self-contained stories and this is also the case with the second episode Children Of The Comet.

This focuses primarily on the still young Uhura, who is still a cadet at this time and was able to secure a place on the Enterprise through good performances at the academy. But is Starfleet even the path it wants to take in the future? She has to deal with this question in this episode and gets help from Captain Pike and especially from Spock, who, next to Uhura, is probably allowed to shine the most in this episode.

We already know that Ethan Peck knows how to play the character of Spock appropriately without delivering a mere copy of Leonard Nimoy. A special mention for this episode is Celia Rose Gooding, who is a fantastic choice for the role of young Uhura. She really isn’t exactly following in small footsteps, the figure that Nichelle Nichols made into a legend has an enormously high social relevance, especially in the USA. You have to withstand this pressure first. Gooding is already a more than likeable addition to the crew.

The episode begins very casually: The captain organizes a meal for the bridge crew in his quarters, and a nervous Uhura is invited for the first time. A joke at her expense, which acts as a kind of admission ritual, doesn’t make the situation any more relaxed for her. But the evening develops positively and Pike can shine here again as a sensitive captain.

Shortly thereafter, however, things get serious: The Enterprise investigates a comet that is on a collision course with an inhabited planet whose inhabitants are not yet advanced enough to even be able to understand the danger they are in. However, changing the comet’s course turns out to be more difficult than initially thought, because it suddenly puts up protective shields.

An away team, led by Spock, is sent to the comet’s surface to study an unnatural formation. The captain also sends Uhura on this away mission. The team discovers something extraordinary and is suddenly stuck on the comet, when at the same time an unknown ship, far superior to the Enterprise, appears and tells the Enterprise not to stop the comet’s sacred mission under any circumstances.

We won’t tell you how the conflict will be resolved. But of course Uhura plays a central role in this. In the end, this episode is also convincing and the crew already seems to be better worked out than it was after four seasons of Star Trek – Discovery.

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In addition to those already mentioned, you also get a first feel for La’an Noonien-Singh, who joins the away team here, and Erica Ortegas, at the helm of the Enterprise, gets enough room to shine and also engages in some entertaining dialogue with Captain Pike . The best example is probably chief engineer Hemmer. This is given its first, albeit brief, appearance here. But that’s enough to give the character more depth and character than most of the Discovery crew members, whose names are still hard to remember even after four seasons.

The dialogues are also convincing, as is the entertaining story, which also leaves the viewer with a little mystery and thus points to the many still unknown wonders of the universe. It’s amazing how well everything comes together and works here. You have to ask yourself even more what went wrong with Star Trek – Discovery and Star Trek – Picard.

Why didn’t it just work on the other series? Maybe you wanted to achieve too much. Maybe trying to take Star Trek to a new level, making it something it just isn’t, wasn’t a good idea. Everything seemed too forced there and the scripts were often just too bad, but Star Trek – Strange New Worlds convinces above all with its simplicity and lightness. Sometimes less really is more.

At the end there is a short preview of the next episode and this one is also very classic. Because what is good old Star Trek tradition? When in one of the first episodes of a new series, the crew catches a virus that kind of drives everyone crazy.