Was Chicago Fire cancelled? (Is Chicago Fire season 11 happening?)

We’ve officially reached the end of yet another season of Chicago Fire.

On May 25, NBC’s veteran One Chicago drama capped off its tenth season with the long-anticipated Stellaride wedding. It was an emotional episode that saw Kidd and Severide finally exchange I Do’s, welcomed back a few familiar faces, and left the fates of a few relationships very much up in the air.

It also ended with a subtle cliffhanger which left fans wondering who was in the SUV that followed Severide and Kidd to their cabin and whether the couple could be in impending danger. Needless to say, fans were left with more than a few questions to ponder over the offseason but there’s one question in particular fans really want the answer to: is another season coming?

Is Chicago Fire cancelled?

Don’t worry ChiHards, Chicago Fire has not been cancelled! NBC renews the series for three seasons back in 2020 and the show still has one additional season coming as part of that multi-season renewal.
his isn’t likely shocking news for diehard fans as Chicago Fire remains one of NBC’s top dramas, finishing the season as the most-watched show of the season.

Will there be a Chicago Fire season 11?

Chicago Fire season 11 is indeed happening! When NBC renewed the series back in 2020, the renewal was for three seasons: seasons 9, 10 and 11. Season 9 aired during the 2020-21 season, season 10 followed during the 2021-22 season, and season 11 will be coming during the 2022-23 season!