Was Chicago PD cancelled? (Is Chicago PD season 10 happening?)

Well, we’ve officially reached the end of yet another season of Chicago PD and have now entered that not-so-magical time of year when we have to wait to see what’s to come for the show next.

The end of the season always brings with it a variety of questions.

On one hand, there are questions about what’s next for our favorite characters following the cliffhangers of the season finale. How will they deal with the events? What will it mean for the next season? These types of questions often flood our minds after that final episode has come to a close and leave us talking all summer long.

And then there’s the question of whether there even will be another season. After all, it’s only natural to wonder if a show has been canceled or renewed once the season comes to an end.

Is Chicago PD cancelled?

If you’re wondering if Chicago PD was cancelled, allow us to ease your mind! While the show did not get an official renewal this year, the show is coming back and will return this fall for season 10 this fall.

The reason NBC did not renew the series this year is that it had previously renewed the series for three seasons back in 2020. That renewal included the order for season 10, which will debut this fall.