Is Chicago Fire season 10 coming to Netflix?

Now that Chicago Fire is done for another season, we want to binge-watch it. Can you watch Chicago Fire season 10 on Netflix? Will that ever be a possibility?

A lot happened throughout the 10th season of Chicago Fire. This was the season that brought us the 200th episode, which meant something major had to happen. It all coincided with Matt Casey being written out of the show in a way that connected back to the very first season.

Now fans will want to binge-watch. After all, there are always going to be things we all missed in various storylines. Those who want to say goodbye to Tuesday will also want to check back in with the season to see where she turned up with those lovable puppy dog ​​eyes.

Where is Chicago Fire season 10 going to stream? What about Netflix?

Chicago Fire season 10 is not available on Netflix

There is some bad news for the Netflix subscribers out there. The season is not going to arrive. Never say “never,” but it’s highly unlikely that this is ever going to happen. A lot of streaming platforms would need to close down or merge for that to be the case.

Right now, NBC is focused on growing its own streaming platform, Peacock. All current NBC shows stream on there and on Hulu for the time being. These are the two places you can currently stream all seasons of Chicago Fire. That’s going to change closer to the fall.

When it comes to Chicago Fire season 11, the episodes are only going to head to Peacock. The deal with Hulu comes to an end, which gives NBC the chance to really grow its subscriber base on its own platform.

If something does happen to Peacock, there is a chance that NBC may turn to Netflix. That’s just not the case right now.