The Good Doctor Season 6 is not coming to ABC in June 2022

With the cliffhanger ending, we need to see The Good Doctor Season 6 now. There is still a wait on our hands for the premiere, though.

The Good Doctor Season 5 ended with the fate of one of our favorites on the line. Villanueva and Lim have been beaten by Villanueva’s abusive ex. It looks like we could be losing them since nobody could hear Lim’s previous calls for help.

We will have to wait to see what’s to come next. The Good Doctor Season 6 is not coming this month, which isn’t all that surprising. We’re not expecting to see the season for a few months, but it doesn’t stop us hoping that there’s some sort of change of plan to bring us answers sooner.

When will The Good Doctor Season 6 premiere on ABC?

We did get some good news when ABC announced the fall schedule. The Good Doctor is part of it, and it will keep its Monday night timeslot. That’s not surprising consider how well the series has performed in that timeslot since its debut.

We don’t have premiere dates just yet, but knowing it’s in the fall helps us narrow a few things down. We know The Good Doctor Season 6 will premiere sometime in 2022. In fact, it’s probably going to be in September 2022.

There are times that ABC holds fall premieres until October, but most of them come in September. FOX is the first of the broadcast networks to announce premiere dates, and we know that schedule is starting on Monday, Sept. 19. We’ll probably see something similar on ABC. That could mean Monday, Sept. 19 is the first date for The Good Doctor Season 6. If not, then we’re expecting it to be Monday, Sept. 26.